Past Events Archive

Past Events Archive



HRYRA / HBRA Awards Brunch Flyer

Hudson River Long Distance Race, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions

Sutherland Regatta (Minisceongo), Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions

Shattemuc 133rd Annual Open HRYRA Regatta, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions

Women’s Challenge Cup, Notice of Race, Registration Form, Sailing Instructions, Information Flyer

Hudson Cove Regatta, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions

Chelsea Open Regatta, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions

Maritime Cup Regatta, Notice of RaceSailing Instructions



Sutherland Regatta at Minisceongo Yacht Club, Notice of Race, SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

132nd Shattemuc Annual Open HRYRA Regatta, Notice of Race, SAILING INSTRUCTIONS, Regatta Dinner info

Women’s Challenge Cup, Flyer, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions

32nd Annual Hudson Cove Regatta, Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions

Chelsea Open Regatta, Notice of Race – Registration form, Sailing Instructions

Kingston Maritime Cup Regatta, June 4-5th, NOR, Reg. form, Sailing Instructions, Courses, Chart



Sutherland Regatta, Minisceongo Yacht Club, Notice of Race, SAILING INSTRUCTIONS , September 19-20, 2015

131st Annual Open Shattemuc HRYRA Regatta, Shattemuc Yacht Club, September 12-13, 2015 Notice of Race, SAILING INSTRUCTIONS, BBQ Dinner Flyer                      

2015 Women’s Challenge Cup, Minisceongo Yacht Club, August 8, 2015   2015 Women’s Challenge Cup Flyer  2015 Women’s Challenge Cup Notice of Race

The Joe Naar Regatta, Shattemuc Yacht Club, One Design,  July 18, 2015, Joe Naar Regatta Flyer    Joe Naar Regatta Notice of Race, Joe Naar Regatta Sailing Instructions

31st Annual HRYRA Hudson Cove Regatta, June 13 – 14, 2015  Notice of Race  Registration form  Sailing Instructions 

Chelsea Open Regatta, June 6 – 7, 2015  Notice of Race / Registration form  Sailing Instructions  

Maritime Cup Regatta, Kingston, May 30 – 31, 2015  Notice of Race  Sailing Instructions

Race Starting Seminar


Dave Perry Flyer

2014 Awards Brunch flyer

2014 Kingston Maritime Cup NOR



HRYRA – HBRA 2013 Awards Brunch flyer



Kingston Regatta NOR

CYC_OPEN_2012 reg form

HCYCREGATTA2012notice of race


MYC Sutherland NOR 2012

Last Chance NOR + reg form 2012

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