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HRYRA Information

2014 PHRF Certificates

Less than 1 month until the start of sailing season!

Apply or renew your certificate now.

2014 HRYRA Board


President: Mike Colucci (CYC)

Vice President: Eric Baumes (NBC)

Secretary: Sally Wellens: (MYC)

Treasurer: Cc Dwyer (HCYC)


George Samalot, PHRF Handicapper, Past President

Ruth Yannelli (NBC)

Eric Beck (NBC)

Peter Oden (SYC)

Peter Feroe (SYC)

Ian Westergren (KSC)

David Wightman (KSC)

HRYRA Officers for 2013

Mike Colucci, President, Chelsea Yacht Club
Eric Baumes, Vice-President, Nyack Boat Club
Jessie Fitzgerald, Secretary, Minisceongo Yacht Club
Cc Dwyer, Treasurer, Hudson Cove Yacht Club

2012 Board Minutes

HRYRA Board Meeting Minutes 12-5-2012.pdf97.61 KB

Member Clubs

Chelsea Yacht Club

Chelsea Yacht Club
Box 180
Chelsea NY 12512

Lat 41° 33.190 N, Lon  73° 58.221 W

Hudson Cove Yacht Club

600 Beach Road
West Haverstraw, NY 10993-1495

Kingston Sailing Club

About the Hudson River Yacht Racing Association

The Hudson River Yacht Racing Association (HRYRA) was founded in 1953, by a group of dedicated racing sailors with the aim of promoting inter-club yacht racing in order to expand the competition of sailboat racing on the Hudson River. Since its founding, HRYRA has become a member association of US Sailing (Area B) and as such is the nationally sanctioned governing body for all sailboat racing on the Hudson River.

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