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2016 HRYRA One-Design Series RESULTS












The Joe Naar Regatta at Shattemuc Yacht Club was originally scheduled for Saturday, July 16th but unfortunately the weather was not cooperating so we were forced to reschedule to Monday, July 18th. We had a variety of wind conditions on Monday, ranging from light to heavy air. The racing was extremely competitive as the variable wind conditions kept the finishes tight and exciting. At the conclusion of the regatta, we had completed 8 races. We would like to thank all of the sailors for a great regatta and hope to see them all next year!

All boats are listed skipper first with the number of points they scored in parenthesis.

1st- Daniel Setareh and Rachel Setareh (10)

2nd- Chris Moses and Josh Austrian (15)

3rd- Kurt Biedermann and Patrick May (17) 4

th- Konrad Biedermann and Colin May (28)

5th- Lucas Koenig and Brandon Kwon (32)

6th- Allison Zeng and Charlotte Koenig (38)

7th- Adam Zeng and James McManus (47)

8th- Stefanie Kriel and Isolde McManus (48)

9th- Maren Behnke and Giulia Cancro (63, DNS in races 6-8)


The July 4 Firecracker Regatta at NBC had more than enough wind with 18 sailors registered.

First                       Tom Lawton

Second                  Rick Wood

Third                      Chris Henkel

First Radial         Carol Marsh

First Junior         Simon Curtis

We also have an award for the first person over 65 which went to John Marsh.

Last Chance Regatta, September 7, 2015, Nyack Boat Club

First                     Rick Wood

Second                Ryan Wood

Third                   Dave Foster

1st Radial            Natalia Gontchardva

1st Junior             Peter Gunn

Grand Master     Jon Marsh


Minisceongo HRYRA One Design RegattaPhotos by Barbara Fitzgerald


Chelsea HRYRA One-Design Regatta, August 1, 2015

Chelsea Yacht Club sponsored its fourth HRYRA One Design Regatta on August 1st. As in past years, it was an all-Laser event. Like the gear-busting Saturday of the Chelsea Open, this regatta put to rest the notion that there’s no wind at CYC. The fleet had windy conditions at Shattemuc for the Joe Narr regatta, but as Jon Marsh of Nyack described it, “Chelsea had the most interesting wind, from five knots to over 20 and from all directions.” First place went to Gary Schneidman, second to newcomer Peter Broszkowski, and third to John Diamond, all from Nyack. Andy Hudson from Minisceongo was fourth. Carol Marsh from Nyack won the Radials match race. The most impressive performance of the day, however, was Liam Noonan, a junior from Minisceongo. At only 110 lbs., Liam is light even for the Laser Radial rig, and with the day’s shifty conditions, he lost count of the number of times he went over. But each time, he climbed back aboard and made it to the finish line. During the post-race festivities, there was a consensus among the other racers that there should be a trophy for the most recovered capsizes, and so one is on its way to Liam.

Barry Meehan

Standard Laser Rig   1 Gary Schneidman, Nyack Boat Club   2 Peter Broszkowski, Nyack Boat Club   3 John Diamond, Nyack Boat Club   4 Andy Hudson,  Minisceongo Yacht Club   5 Jim Zambito, CYC   6 Jon Marsh, Nyack Boat Club

Laser Radial Rig   1 Carol Marsh, Nyack Boat Club   2 Liam Noonan, Minisceongo Yacht Club – Received our first “Most Capsize Recoveries” trophy.


The Joe Naar Regatta, July 18, 2015, Shattemuc Yacht Club    –  RESULTS


The Firecracker Regatta, July 4, 2015, Nyack Boat Club

First                       Rick Wood  

Second                  Sarah Hats

Third                     Chris Henkel

First Radial          Carol Marsh

First Junior         Simon Curtis

Grand Master      Jon Marsh


Laser Lagoon Regatta, May 25, 2015, Nyack Boat Club

The Laser Fleet held the first of the HRYRA series of Regattas on Memorial Day. Sixteen boats were registered. The wind was challenging to say the least, 22 knots and gusting over 30.  Thirteen boats started the first race, but only nine finished. By the fourth and last race, there were six intrepid sailors left. My respect and admiration goes out to those who made it to the last finish: Rick Wood, Sarah Hatsell, Gary Schneidman, Tom Lawton, Carol Marsh and Dave Foster. Sarah came in third, Tom second, Rick was first. Carol got first radial and a special award for hanging in there.

Jon Marsh, Regatta Chairman


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