2018 HRYRA and PHRF Applications

PHRF Application InstructionsTramontana - Transformation - cropped

Please read carefully:

  1. New HRYRA member you must create a new account
  2. HRYRA members from last year must Login
  3. Renew* a certificate or apply for a new certificate
  4. Follow the instructions to fill out the form.
  5. Click “PREVIEW” and check all info entered is correct.
  6. Click “SAVE”.
  7. Pay via PayPal**. Click on the “Pay Now” button below. 
  8. A 2018 HRYRA PHRF certificate / HRYRA membership is $30.

Cc Dwyer
HRYRA Treasurer / PHRF Secretary


 **All you need to pay using PayPal is a credit card. You do NOT need a PayPal Account.

How PayPal Works 

*Due to the change in Crew Weight Credit, all certificates will be reviewed this year. Valid 2017 certificates with no changes for this year, and valid 2017 certificates with changes for this year…. Please renew, review and update, if needed, last year’s certificate information for 2018. If you have a new boat, or did not have a 2017 PHRF certificate, you must “Apply for a new certificate”.

Note: You will not receive a certificate in the mail. Once your boat is rated, it will be published on this site.


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