The Hudson River Yacht Racing Association (HRYRA) was founded in 1953, by a group of dedicated racing sailors with the aim of promoting inter-club yacht racing in order to expand the competition of sailboat racing on the Hudson River. Since its founding, HRYRA has become a member association of US Sailing (Area B) and as such is the nationally sanctioned governing body for all sailboat racing on the Hudson River.

Though one of the smallest nationally recognized sailing associations, HRYRA boasts some “world class” sailors as members. Hudson River sailors have racked up top finishes in such prestigious regional races as “The Around Long Island Regatta” and “The Governor’s Cup”, as well as “The Newport to Bermuda Race”, North American and World Championship series. The demanding currents and shifting winds of the Hudson River require a level of proficiency and knowledge that produces generations of skilled racers.

The administrative support that HRYRA brings to the Hudson River allows the various individual yacht clubs to compete in inter-club regattas, as well as at the regional and national level in an organized, efficient and sportsmanlike manner.



HRYRA sponsors racing oriented events such as outstanding speakers…Dave Perry, Sailing World Hall of Fame, author and renowned expert on the rules of sailing, and Gary Jobson, member of the America’s Cup Hall of Fame, television commentator, filmmaker, author and winner of the Nathanael G. Herreshoff Trophy–US Sailing’s most prestigious award.

HRYRA also supports an active women’s sailing program sponsoring “The Hudson River Women’s Challenge Cup”, a regatta with all women skippers and crew. HRYRA has sent regional teams to compete in “The Adam’s Cup”, the US Sailing Women’s National Championship Series.

Though the membership of HRYRA is made up mostly of racers in the PHRF fleets, one design and junior racing is also actively promoted through HRYRA sanctioned regattas. In addition, HRYRA helps to sponsor teams of junior sailors from the Hudson River who qualify to compete in regional championship events.

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