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It is hoped that the HRYRA website is a true online meeting place where the racing sailors of the Hudson River can get information, communicate with others and help make our shared passion for sailboat racing more enjoyable. With that in mind you are all invited to help make this internet venture into something that serves your needs. Please let me know what your thoughts are, what things you would like to see on its pages and how we can make this a timely and informative place for the past, present and future members of HRYRA.

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  • BIG NEWS…….NEW 2017 PHRF Division splits….NEW Scoring System


    There are going to be some exciting changes to HRYRA Racing in 2017. First, scoring for ALL divisions (spinnaker and non-spinnaker) will use the PHRF Time on Time (ToT) Scoring System.  Second, there will be two spinnaker divisions.


    While 2016 saw tight racing across 3 spinnaker divisions, the divisions were small and in many cases there were 3 or less boats sailing in a division.


    Division                               PHRF Range                                   Average Participants
    1 (<109)                                      45                                                3.8
    2 (109-160)                                      48                                                5.2
    3 (>160)                                      54                                                3.1


    For 2017 in order to make spinnaker racing more competitive, with more boats on the line in each division, we are making some significant changes.


    • We will be splitting the spinnaker boats across 2 divisions. Based on 2016 participation, we anticipate the divisions would look like this.
    Division                                      PHRF Range                                   Average Participants
    1 (<130)                                             69                                              6.7
    2 (>130)                                             93                                              5.7
    • Because 2 divisions will have greater ranges of PHRF ratings, we are going to score the divisions using PHRF Time on Time (ToT). The reason for this change is that according to US Sailing, "It has been found to help when there is a very large handicap spread in a class".


    This methodology converts the Time on Distance (ToD) handicap, which allots a fixed number of seconds per mile raced, to a Time Correction Factor (TCF) that is applied to the elapsed time.


    Other things to keep in mind...

    • ToT scoring is not a cure-all for all the inequities of handicapping.
    • ToT scoring will not turn a fleet upside down. It usually does not affect the top boats. It usually moves the boats in the middle around a little.
    • ToT scoring is already in use by Chelsea Yacht Club and Nyack Boat Club for their Wednesday Night Series as well as major regattas such as Block Island Race Week
    • This scoring system also has advantages for Race Committees as knowing the exact length of the course is not necessary. This give the RC more flexibility in setting up better courses for the conditions.
    • Sailwave (the program HRYRA uses for regatta and series scoring) can easily score ToT.


    If you are interested in how the TCF is calculated and applied, US Sailing offers a comprehensive overview of ToT at: http://www.ussailing.org/racing/offshore-big-boats/rating-rules/#1471969534315-2e06dd00-392d


    Another great explanation comparing ToD and ToT written by Peter Oden, HRYRA Rules and Appeals Chairman, can be found HERE.



  • 2016 HRYRA PHRF Overall Champion “EMOTICON”












    For an explanation of the Cox-Sprague Scoring System..... CLICK HERE.

  • All Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions are located under the "PHRF Racing", "One-Design" and "Juniors" tabs
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    The fee for a 2017 PHRF certificate / HRYRA membership is $30. CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE to apply for a new PHRF Certificate, renew an existing PHRF certificate, and submit the $30 payment with PayPal or with a credit card through PayPal.
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