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HRYRA 2014 Season Standings

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HRYRA Standings as of 9/8/2014

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2014 MYC LASER One-Design Regatta


LASER One-Design Regatta on Saturday June 28th, 2014

Hosted by Minisceongo Yacht Club

Skippers Meeting is at 12:00 Noon

First gun is at 1:30 P.M.

MYC Laser Regatta Initial Notice 2014.pdf105.93 KB

2014 Common Sailing Instructions

Summary of significant changes in the Common Sailing Instructions from 2013:

  • Class rules and boat standards are explicitly mentioned.
  • Instr. 3.2 eliminated. Thus, changes to the sailing instructions must be in writing and properly posted. No oral changes are allowed, on or off the water.
  • Minor change to phrf splits: Class 1: <121; Class 2:121-160; Class 3: >160.
  • Instr 14.1 reworded to make clear that when a boat elects to take a penalty for a violation of a rule of part 2, the penalty will be a scoring penaltyTurns are not an acceptable option. A one-turn penalty continues to apply for a violation of rule 31.
  • Time limits have been reduced: They are now 2 hours for the first finisher, and 45 minutes after the first finisher for others.
  • Instr. 17 now states more clearly how to score DNC for the series: it is one more than the number of boats that have registered for at least one of the season regattas.

2014 HRYRA Board


President: Mike Colucci (CYC)

Vice President: Eric Baumes (NBC)

Secretary: Sally Wellens: (MYC)

Treasurer: Cc Dwyer (HCYC)


George Samalot, PHRF Handicapper, Past President

Ruth Yannelli (NBC)

Eric Beck (NBC)

Peter Oden (SYC)

Peter Feroe (SYC)

Ian Westergren (KSC)

David Wightman (KSC)

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