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It is hoped that the HRYRA website is a true online meeting place where the racing sailors of the Hudson River can get information, communicate with others and help make our shared passion for sailboat racing more enjoyable. With that in mind you are all invited to help make this internet venture into something that serves your needs. Please let me know what your thoughts are, what things you would like to see on its pages and how we can make this a timely and informative place for the past, present and future members of HRYRA.

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    For an explanation of the Cox-Sprague Scoring System..... CLICK HERE.

  • 2018 PHRF Splits and Scoring


    Again in 2018, scoring for ALL divisions (spinnaker and non-spinnaker) will use the PHRF Time on Time (ToT) Scoring System.

    If you are interested in how the TCF is calculated and applied, US Sailing offers a comprehensive overview of ToT at: http://www.ussailing.org/racing/offshore-big-boats/rating-rules/#1471969534315-2e06dd00-392d

    Another great explanation comparing ToD and ToT written by Peter Oden, HRYRA Rules and Appeals Chairman, can be found HERE.

    The PHRF Class splits will be the same as 2017. They are......

           Class 1 - PHRF less than 130, with spinnakers

           Class 2 - PHRF greater than 130, with spinnakers

           Class 3 - All without spinnakers


  • Changes to the 2018 PHRF renewal and crew weight credits

    Dear All,


    As you go through the process of renewing or obtaining a PHRF Certificate
    from HRYRA this year, you will notice a couple changes:


    1. There is no longer a box to declare crew weight.


    2. There is no “Renew with no changes” options.


    Both these changes are driven by revisions to the YRALIS PHRF Regulations
    to which HRYRA adheres.


    Regarding the elimination of the weight credit, Steve Cain, President of
    YRALIS remarked:


    “This system, though created with the hope that it would encourage lesser
    programs to participate in racing, has become rife with abuse by
    competitors, difficult to enforce by organizing authorities and ultimately,
    as boat design has evolved, less valid.”


    You may read Steve Cain’s full remarks at


    The second change to the renewal process is that all certificates are
    reviewed for 2018 (including those without weight credits). This arose out
    of a technical limitation of the PHRF System, but it is probably good
    practice to review all certificates from time-to-time.




    HRYRA Executive Board

  • All Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions are located under the "PHRF Racing", "One-Design" and "Juniors" tabs
    in the main menu above.
    The fee for a 2017 PHRF certificate / HRYRA membership is $30. CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE to apply for a new PHRF Certificate, renew an existing PHRF certificate, and submit the $30 payment with PayPal or with a credit card through PayPal.
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