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2014 PHRF Certificates

Less than 1 month until the start of sailing season!

Apply or renew your certificate now.

2014 HRYRA Board


President: Mike Colucci (CYC)

Vice President: Eric Baumes (NBC)

Secretary: Sally Wellens: (MYC)

Treasurer: Cc Dwyer (HCYC)


George Samalot, PHRF Handicapper, Past President

Ruth Yannelli (NBC)

Eric Beck (NBC)

Peter Oden (SYC)

Peter Feroe (SYC)

Ian Westergren (KSC)

David Wightman (KSC)

2013 Board Minutes

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2013 Fall HRYRA Board Meeting minutes.pdf101.73 KB

2013 HRYRA One-design Series Scores

2013 Laser Scores Final112.62 KB

2013 HRYRA Overall Results

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Division 1

1st place: Moonshine

2nd place: Vixen

3rd place: Breakaway

Division 2

1st place: J-Ale Time

2nd place: Freya

3rd place: Noteworthy 

Division 3

1st place: Innovator

2nd place: Gusto

3rd place: Lost in Space

Division 4

1st place: Transformation

2nd place: Pentimento

3rd place: Tramontana 

2013 Last Chance Regatta Results

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Congratulations to Last Chance Regatta Winners.

Division 1: Moonshine. Bracken/Fligor. Nyack Boat Club

Division 2: Evan Wellens. Minisceongo Yacht Club

Division 3: Innovator. Terry Baldwin. Kingston Sailing Club

Division 4. Wildfire. Carmen Yannelli. Nyack Boat Club

Sutherland Regatta Results

Pictures By Barbara Fitzgerald

Hudson River Racers!

This past weekend was the Sutherland Regatta at Minisceongo Yacht Club.  It was a fantastic weekend that presented the unusual problem of big wind.  This afforded the race committee the chance to get off four races without issue.  There was a great showing of about thirty boats, making for stiff competition in all fleets.

Sutherland Regatta Results 2013.pdf84.3 KB

2013 Shattemuc Results

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Shattemuc 2013 HRYRA Open Regatta

Shattemuc Yacht Club

Results are final as of 21:09 on September 8, 2013

2013 HRYRA Mid-Season Results

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2013 HRYRA PHRF Series


Results as of 18:25 on August 30, 2013

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